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Some useful stuff

A time ago I found a pretty useful tool to connect from my win workstation to linux machine: the tool is named NOMACHINE and allows to connect to KDE desktop with no functionality loss and full color support (sometimes that’s very important). It saves me a lot of time when I work in Photoshop and need the same time to manipulate with html/sliced images on my local development server. The only thing which confuses me is functional keys handling, for example in full scren mode Alt+Tab sometimes switches me to windows desktop instead of switching KDE desktop windows. Hope developers of the tool will add a special keys sequence to switch between Nomachine client and win desktop (like rdesktop has: Ctrl+Alt+Enter).

Hello World!

Hello World, this is the first entry in my blog where I’m going to write about some web development stuff, especially CakePHP framework which I’ve started to learn a couple days ago. The blog is named ‘simple’ as everything consists of simple things. Let’s wait a bit and see what it all look like.

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