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Two words about CAPTCHA

I like nice looking CAPTCHA images like this one:

nice captcha

and don’t like ugly ones like this:

ugly captcha example

I call the first image “Google style CAPTCHA”. The second – “ugly letters”.

It’s hard to break “Google style CAPTCHA” (depends on distortion level), most “ugly letters” used with the standard software (forums, etc) can be broken quite easy.

Due to it’s visual specific “Google style CAPTCHA” matches most designs, “ugly letters” makes a page looking at least not professional (as for me).

I was looking for a tool to create “Google style CAPTCHA” or at least for algorithm which describes such distortion and found a perfect tool: KCAPTCHA.

Hint: You may click this link and see how KCAPTCHA works, obviously text will change with every reload.

It allows to setup CAPTCHA colors, has characters settings and also provides some distortion settings.

I found the KCAPTCHA fits all my requirements, it is going to be modified a bit and be used whithin my Cake app :)

The KCAPTCHA site also contains some interesting info about CAPTCHA creation approaches and breaking.

“Your browser is not supported” or usability question

Why there is so many sites using drop-down menus which don’t work under Opera (especially sites of web development companies)?
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