“Your browser is not supported” or usability question

Why there is so many sites using drop-down menus which don’t work under Opera (especially sites of web development companies)?

I believe Opera is popular enough to take it into account. You may say ‘who cares about that 1 or 2 (or 10?) percents of Opera-based visitors’ and will be almost right. The only matter is: those 2 percents of visitors are your potential customers, buyers or subscribers.

The most stupid error message I’ve ever got is “Your browser is not supported, we support the following browsers: XXXXX, XXXXX”. The message means they offer me to switch to a different browser in order to use their service. They forgot people use certain browsers not because of a better icon or name. I doubt anyone feel comfortable when switching from Opera to IE. For example, I didn’t use Gmail’s web interface until they enabled Opera support just for the only reason: I cannot work quickly and efficiently in IE (as for me – IE is in the top of some “non-usable browsers” list, however I always pay especial attention to make sites working in it).

You may like or not certain browsers, you may read different facts about browsers usage stats, but you must release cross-browser output.

P.S.: I use Opera for surfind as the primary browser and I always close a tab if its content is not displayed/working correctly. Thus, if you don’t try to make things cross-browser, you take risk I’ll never use your site :)

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