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Some thoughts about approaches or how to win in Internet Backgammon

Sometimes I play Internet Backgammon when I’m on Windows box (can be found under Start->Programs->Games in a standard Windows installation). I haven’t ever played the game in offline nor even knew its rules, but after a few tries found the game is interesting – mostly due to the fact you play over internet with live people, not with the computer – thus it could be quite hard to prognose turns of opponent.

I cannot say I’m very successful player, but sometimes I have a luck to win ;)

After some time I was playing Internet Backgammon I figured there is a special category of players – Read the rest of this entry »

The eyeballing game


How to run Internet Explorer under Linux

If you do web development you may want to test your web applications under IE.

In case you work under Linux you have a few options for this:
a) have another machine with Windows installed
b) have Windows installed on the same machine and reboot each time you need to perform some testing (don’t forget a need to run web server under Windows too or upload your changes to a live server)
c) have Windows installed on the same machine and try to launch IE using wine
d) use IEs4Linux

As for me – option a) isn’t convenient (and requires additional computer involved), b) is very time-consuming, c) is too hard task and also requires a time to get all working (if it will work at all). I found that option d) fits my needs of quick testing in the best way: IEs4Linux – is a tool which installs a lightweight IE package on your Linux system (as I understand this is a variation of the option C) – they even offer a few versions of IE. The package is installed quite fast and easy even for me – not an admin person.

Well, it may glitch sometimes (as IE does in general), but what you get is pretty enough to check some JS/HTML.

Test your color IQ

A nice self-testing tool (and probably for testing your monitor :) ): Test your color IQ (requires indicate country you’re from before taking test)

Simple changes: new cleaner theme, yaCAPTCHA

Two things changed in simple blog:

1. A new theme comes. It is based on NodeThirtyThree’s WordPress theme (please find the link in the footer). I tried to keep the theme clean and convenient in use and I almost like what I finally get :) Please feel free to comment on this post if layout gets broken in your browser (It was tested in FF3, IE6, Opera 9.52 and Konqueror under KDE 4.1.3).

2. yaCAPTCHA installed to get rid of spam bots. Thus now comments moderation will be turned off and comments appear on site right after they’re submitted.