Some thoughts about approaches or how to win in Internet Backgammon

Sometimes I play Internet Backgammon when I’m on Windows box (can be found under Start->Programs->Games in a standard Windows installation). I haven’t ever played the game in offline nor even knew its rules, but after a few tries found the game is interesting – mostly due to the fact you play over internet with live people, not with the computer – thus it could be quite hard to prognose turns of opponent.

I cannot say I’m very successful player, but sometimes I have a luck to win ;)

After some time I was playing Internet Backgammon I figured there is a special category of players – people who do like to win and don’t like to lose (and there is so many of those). Such players offer to double stakes when they have the only checker left, but they quit the game when see they almost lose. A lot of times my opponents left the game when seen they cannot win.

Well, truly, this post isn’t about Internet Backgammon, it’s more about approach to difficult situations when you aren’t guaranteed the final will be successful. You’re always able to quit the situation when you are not sure you are the winner (and most people will do so – I know due to Internet Backgammon).

My approach is: I continue playing disregarding everything. It doesn’t matter even if I already lost the game – fail in this game will help me to play better in a next one, or probably in one after the next one.

I apply this approach beyond games as well, because learned an important rule: you cannot reach success without efforts and taking risks. Who doesn’t know how to lose – will be unable to win.

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