OS X: how to upgrade to Snow Leopard from local drive

This post is dedicated to people who like me have OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) disk image and have no DVD disk or 6Gb flash drive and want to upgrade from OS X 10.5 :)

I’m a total OS X newbie, but this way works for me and probably will help to someone. If you decided to try the way described below, you are doing this on your own risk!

This guide assumes you have installed rEFIt boot manager.

0. Backup your system.

1. Open Boot Camp Assistant. Click Continue:

2. Create a “Windows” partition”. I set its size to 10Gb, just in case. Then click Partition:

The partitioning process may take a while:

3. After partition is created, click Quit & Install Later:

4. Open Disk Utility tool. From left-hand partitions list select BOOTCAMP. Then click the horizontal Erase tab:

5. Specify partition formatting options. From the Volume Format drop-down select Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Specify Name you like, I entered SnowLoepard. After this, click the Erase button:

6. Confirm partition formatting. Click Erase in the confirmation dialog:

After formatting is done, you will see the BOOTCAMP partition appears now as SnowLeopard in the left-hand partitions list:

7. Store installation disk image on your local drive partition. Navigate to the Restore horizontal tab, click the Image button next to the Source field:

In the file selection dialog select your installation image file and click Open:

After the dialog is closed drag the SnowLeopard partition (from the left-hand partitions list) into the Destination text field:

8. Click the Restore button. Confirm the action by clicking Restore in the confirmation dialog:

Enter your password:

After this the restoring process will start:

9. Reboot. After process is finished, reboot your mashine, in the rEFIt boot menu find ShowLeopard created partition and boot from it.

10. Enjoy installation.

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2 Responses to “OS X: how to upgrade to Snow Leopard from local drive”

Did not have any DL DVD’s around, and external was completely full, thanks.
I am still trying to figure out how to get rid of the “SnowLeopard” partition though. I want to create another partition for Windows. How did you go about this process? I have tried Boot Camp Assistant, got an error that read “the start up disk cannot be partitioned or restored to a single partition. The startup disk must be formatted as a single Mac OS Extended (Journaled) volume or already partitioned by Boot Camp Assistant for installing Windows.” What am I doing wrong?


You may try this:
Open Disk Utility tool and click the hard disk item in the left hand partitions list (in my case it’s 149.1 GB FUTJITSU… – see image attached to the step N4), then click the Partition tab (top center). Select the SnowLeopard partition and click “-” (remove partition) and Apply. This should completely remove your SnowLeopard partition.

After this you can either resize your Macintosh HD partition and start over with the BootCamp or manually create Windows partitions in Disk Utility.

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