The advantages of the newly developed Windows 8

With the new Windows 8, the aim is to make connectivity as easy as possible, by eliminating any problems that it may have previously had. One specific improvement that Windows 8 will feature, is mobile broadband functionality that has been integrated into the OS. This will hopefully have been done without specialized applications from the hardware provider having been used, which will make everything a lot more simple than before.

Any uncertainty regarding locating and installing device drivers for mobile broadband will be removed, as has been explained by group program manager on Microsoft’s devices and networking team, Billy Anders. If this is a success, then users will be able to spend more time relaxing and chatting to friends or playing partypoker online, instead of searching for instructions and having to guess what to do when installing mobile broadband devices. The company have been able to do this as they have been working with their partners in mobile broadband and mobile operating across the industry.

A hardware specification has been designed, that can be integrated into device hardware and should make the lives of the device makers a lot easier on the whole. The in-box mobile class driver that has been developed for Windows 8 works with many devices and means that users do not need to already have extra device driver software available to them. All that the consumer must do is to plug the device in and then they will be able to connect and enjoy a driver that is reliable and that stays up-to-date. In addition to this, the fact that Windows 8 will have both mobile broadband and Wi-Fi means that it will be able to switch from the mobile connection when in the range of a remembered Wi-Fi network.

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