Internet Explorer limits number of external CSS files to 32

Do you know IE has a limit of 32 external CSS files? Do you know each file should be up to 288Kb to get parsed?

I didn’t know and found this just a little bit of time ago. As Google says IE has a bug (well, someone names this a limitation which makes sense): number of external CSS files you can import is 32, everything beyond the 32th file will be ignored. In addition to this – CSS file size cannot exceed 288Kb, otherwise it will be ignored as well. This limit is present in Internet Explorer 6/7 and 8.

Seems IE is the only browser with such a limit, other browsers worked well for me with 33 external style sheets (Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, Konqueror).

Solution: aggregate multiple CSS files in bigger ones. As my experience shows – most files are 5-20Kb in size, and one 40Kb file is faster than 8x5Kb.

How do I create DIVs with rounded corners

In this post I want to describe a way I use to get a “DIV” with nice rounded corners like this one. This way isn’t something new, but as I noticed it is used not so often as other ways. Let’s go through it and see its advantages and disadvantages.

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