Nvidia nForce 630i chipset video card drivers for Fedora Core 9 (part II)

I have problems with my video card detection/drivers from time to time due to automatic updates of my Fedora Core 9 system. The old driver I used to fix the problem doesn’t work anymore, thus I run this to get things working:

#nvidia-installer -f

This command will cause connect to the NVIDIA FTP server ‘ ftp://download.nvidia.com ‘ and determine the latest available driver version. If there is a more recent driver available, automatically download and install it.

Why don’t I just run

#nvidia-installer --update


Because if you have to do this from time to time, there may be no newer driver available, thus the system may believe the latest driver is already installed and will do nothing.
With the ” -f ” flag nvidia-installer performs “forced update” – the driver will be downloaded and installed forcedly.

Now, just reboot your mashine.

Nvidia nForce 630i chipset video card problem under Fedora Core 8, 9

Recently I had a problem with my integrated videocard detecting (Nvidia nForce 630i) when installed Fedora Core 8 (which even did not recognize the card). I tried to install drivers via yum (#yum install kmod-nvidia) but with no success. Fortunately Chris Schuld provided a nice solution, videocard drivers was installed in seconds and X server configured:
NVIDIA-Linux-x86-173.14.12.pkg1.run (direct download)
I had a similar problem a bit later, when installed Fedora Core 9, the tool helped me again. Probably this post will save some time for someone…