L’viv photos in my brother’s blog

My brother took nice photos of L’viv – city where I live all my life. You may see more photos in his blog.

L'viv photo

Some thoughts about approaches or how to win in Internet Backgammon

Sometimes I play Internet Backgammon when I’m on Windows box (can be found under Start->Programs->Games in a standard Windows installation). I haven’t ever played the game in offline nor even knew its rules, but after a few tries found the game is interesting – mostly due to the fact you play over internet with live people, not with the computer – thus it could be quite hard to prognose turns of opponent.

I cannot say I’m very successful player, but sometimes I have a luck to win ;)

After some time I was playing Internet Backgammon I figured there is a special category of players – Read the rest of this entry »

Last.fm scrobbler for Linux

Last.fm released scrobbler for Linux, before they offered to use Amarok, which wasn’t very convenient for me to use with their service of online listening to library/stations.

The scrobbler from their official site couldn’t be compiled (occasionally) but I found last.fm client in rpmfusion-free-updates yum repository (#yum install lastfm.i386).

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Found old photos of well-known “computer people”:

More photos

just few words

1.5 months ago, 6 weeks or 42 days. I haven’t updated my simple blog since that time.

I haven’t a time to deal with my CakePHP projects, but got a pretty nice experience with other things.

Currently I work with Propel based custom framework with extensive usage of jQuery which I found very nice and going to use with CakePHP (when I have a time of course :) ).

Propel is very handy thing as well, it plays role of database communication layer, in other words Propel is ‘model’ component of a framework.

Well, I’m new to these things and sometimes spend a lot of time to figure simple things, but I’m sure when say “Propel rocks! jQuery rocks!” :)